Welcome Packet


The Welcome Package is a collection of information, resources, website information and  insights that provides a comprehensive source for usable information for those visiting your church

I visit your organization, like what I see, but how much did I really see?  In one hour, the average time of a typical church service, how much did I learn about your ministry?  I know what kind of music you had for that week, but what if you had someone else leading music?  I know what kind of sermon you preach, but what if you had someone else preaching?  How do I let people visiting know what to expect?  The website is the first method, but what about that person who comes into the door?

Imagine being able to identify guests immediately regardless of the size of your organization.  Provide a Welcome Package that provides information such as CD/DVD, a gift (book, cup, etc.) and information about the organization that isn't possible to provide in the time you have with a guest to your organization.  AND, be able to identify that guest immediately with the Welcome Package so that people in the organization will know ahead of time that a person with a Welcome Package is a visitor and can work to make that person feel welcome. 

For more information, including pricing specific to your organization Contact Us Online or 256.504.2498.  You can take a look at our Portfolio for more samples of our latest work.






Why Use Netminister?

Because we not only talk about reaching more people for Christ, we do something about it.  We contribute to our local church, providing monies directly to the Cooperative Program - that helps missionaries out in the field with support.  That is not enough, we corporately support missionaries beyond just our contributions to the CP, by sponsoring a family directly.  Does your website company do that?  Might want to ask them.  And if they aren't, should your church really be supporting them?  So supporting Netminister is really supporting outreach and missions for people around the world. 



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