Logo Designs


A logo is a graphical element, (ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign) that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. Typically, a logo's design is for immediate recognition, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority.

An organizationís logo is the cornerstone of their identity.  Appearing on signs, business cards, stationary, t-shirts, ads and other promotion material means that it is a critical aspect of accurately reflecting an organization.  An organizationís logo is the tangible image of the organization.  With a well-thought out design, an organization can promote their message with a consistent voice, saving money by having a recognizable image.  A good logo has a function; it moves people to want to know more about the organization. 

For more information, including pricing specific to your organization Contact Us Online or 256.504.2498.  You can take a look at our Portfolio for more samples of our latest work.




Why Use Netminister?

Because we not only talk about reaching more people for Christ, we do something about it.  We contribute to our local church, providing monies directly to the Cooperative Program - that helps missionaries out in the field with support.  That is not enough, we corporately support missionaries beyond just our contributions to the CP, by sponsoring a family directly.  Does your website company do that?  Might want to ask them.  And if they aren't, should your church really be supporting them?  So supporting Netminister is really supporting outreach and missions for people around the world. 



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