Brochures, Newsletters & Bulletins


A brochure provides a quick insight into your organization including photos and quick reference materials. 

Brochures provide information for visitors, guests, or anyone wanting more information about your ministry.  They should reflect your church's image, not the image you think you want to portray.  Newsletters can be emailed, digitally sent or created as a physical piece.  Different audiences need different ways of receiving information.  Bulletins are produced weekly to reaffirm the image of the ministry.  Each one has a different look but should all have the same thread.  The material has to ensure that what is said is consistent with the overall branding of the ministry.

We can design and provide you with the brochures from graphic design to completed product or advise you on the best methods for producing your product including designing templates in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Pagemaker and Adobe Indesign. 

For more information, including pricing specific to your organization Contact Us Online or 256.504.2498.  You can take a look at our Portfolio for more samples of our latest work.





Why Use Netminister?

Because we not only talk about reaching more people for Christ, we do something about it.  We contribute to our local church, providing monies directly to the Cooperative Program - that helps missionaries out in the field with support.  That is not enough, we corporately support missionaries beyond just our contributions to the CP, by sponsoring a family directly.  Does your website company do that?  Might want to ask them.  And if they aren't, should your church really be supporting them?  So supporting Netminister is really supporting outreach and missions for people around the world. 



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